Testimonials From My Peticulars' Customers

I would like to say that My Peticulars really made me understand how much I loved my two cute, red weenie dogs. I knew I was a pet lover but using your guidelines and putting down my babies’ needs and habits really brought into perspective how much I love them! Also, with your direction in finding a pet nanny, using My Peticulars has been so easy. The pet nanny is able to have ALL information available at her fingers for anything the weenies need. This has been a very much needed wake-up call as well for small things I need to take care of for the weenies but never seem to find time (i.e. micro-chips, wills). These are two particular items that I have wanted to do for our babies’ for quite some time. With your direction and nudge I am able to get this done. I also enjoy the ease of updating the packet. Being able to use this service as medications change, or as other updates are required has been a help already. My vet also loves this package. I have made a copy for them in the case my pet nanny brings in my pet during a vacation; all the necessary information including contacts is in there as well. This is just such an awesome and powerful tool for the pet lovers of the world!!!
Randy Weed
Parent of Penny and Pudge

As a Professional Pet Sitter, My Peticulars makes my job easier for specifics for each pet, quirks, health issues, etc. Having an owner with My Peticulars means that all of the pets info is right there, organized, detailed and it takes any guess work out of my job! I thought my own forms were great but My Peticulars really impressed me – I have recommended My Peticulars to all of my clients!
Debi Alford
All Critter Sitter Pet Sitting

I think your site looks great and that you a providing a truly valuable service!
Gerry W. Beyer
Governor Preston E. Smith Regents Professor of Law
Texas Tech University School of Law

My sister was tragically and unexpectedly killed in a car accident last year. I had all of her “necessary” paperwork and she had all of mine since we have no other siblings and our parents are gone. As I rushed around frantically making sure I had everything, I found her copy of the Pet Portfolio from My Peticulars. What a Godsend! During the rush, I had completely forgotten about my sister’s two Cocker Spaniels, Nellie and Nick, at her house. Luckily, we were only a bit later getting to them than she normally would have been. I hate to think of how much more tragic the event could have been if she had not taken the steps to ensure their protection. I remembered thinking when she first gave me the package that it was a little ridiculous or eccentric, but now I realize how important it really is. They were part of my sister’s family. I know Nellie and Nick are in a loving, safe home chosen especially for them by my sister. It’s unbelievable how much peace that gave me in my recovery. Everyone plans to outlive their pets, but life doesn’t always turn out the way we plan. Anyone who has pets they care for should take the time to plan for the unexpected.
Thanks Again,
Jennifer Wallis
San Diego, CA

My Peticulars Portfolios are extremely customized and detailed oriented. Everything is included and the format is easy to use. We had been looking for quite some time for a pet planning guide that did not require a lot of time and research, was all-inclusive and affordable. We found all of that and more with My Peticulars. We highly recommend them to all of our friends!
Thomas and Susan Sherman
Proud owners of Dottie, TomTom and Punkin’


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