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Makes traditional pet tags obsolete. It's like giving your pet a toll-free calling card... in case they need to reach you!

You've brought your dog along on a family trip to visit relatives and one day he decides to go off and see the local sites.

Losing a pet can be traumatic enough. He doesn't know that area and unlike home, no one known him!

As you start to go look for him, the phone in the house rings and the caller tells you that your dog just wandered onto her yard and she has him! How did this happen?

You are hundreds of miles away from home. The caller didn’t know you, your relatives or your dog… yet she was directly connected to your relatives home number.

Your dog was protected by a "first of its kind" ID tag that works more like a calling card for lost pets. petFINDER comes with:

  • 1 Large Tag
  • 1 Small Tag
  • 2 Wallet-sized programming cards

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