Looking Out for the Safety of Pets

Over the past few years, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on the importance of short and long term family planning. For my husband and me, that meant taking care of our furry family. My dog children are my life and it caused me such turmoil to imagine them separated from one another, in animal shelters, or worse. I began to research ways to protect my pets in the event that I was not around or able to speak for them.

I quickly became conscious of just how difficult the information was to find. It actually took several years to accumulate everything into some kind of format that others could follow. I wondered if other people had as much trouble as I did and how many people didn't understand the importance of preparing in advance for the “worst case scenario” for their pets. Whether due to natural disasters or the death or disability of an owner, millions of pets every year are left without anyone in place to care for them or clear instructions for their proper care; I realized how few people had all of the necessary forms and information in place and/or had notified others of their wishes.

To that end, My Peticulars was born. Our mission is to help ensure the safety, security and happiness that our Best Friends so deserve. We are devoted to assisting animal lovers in researching, planning, recording and communicating their wants and wishes for their pets. Our goal is to reach as many Pet Parents as possible and bring awareness to this most important topic.


Featured Sanctuary

Honor Sanctuary, Inc.
7334 Delainey Court Sarasota,
FL 34240
Phone: 941-302-0933

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